Who was Edward Starbuck?

Put simply, Edward Starbuck (1604-1690) was one of my tenth great grandfathers. He was a colonial immigrant, most likely from the watery, cross-border area of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire in England’s East Midlands dubbed by Celia as “Starbucky Territory.” He arrived in Dover (in present day New Hampshire) about 1638.[1] His wife, Katherine, and his children who were born in England may have traveled with him or may have followed months or years later.[2] After several years of living in Dover he moved to Nantucket.[3] On the surface, he lived an uninteresting life, but what lies below the surface is fascinating.

Edward was likely a puritan but he was also called to court for anabaptist beliefs.[4] After more than twenty years of living in Dover, he moved to Nantucket to start over.[5] He may have gotten fed up with the religious or civil atmosphere in Dover or simply concerned for his holdings and livelihood with renewed efforts by the Mason family to recoup their lands in Dover.[6] He may have been pulled by the opportunity to settle new land.[7] Whatever his personal feelings were, he linked his name and efforts to those of nine other men who moved to the sparsely settled island about 1660.[8] There he again became a town leader and had dealings with the local Native Americans while doing what he could for his family.[9] Along the way he left his name and actions documented by various sources which, with some analysis, can form the basis of his life story which this website aims to tell.

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