Richard Kendall alias Mills (1628-1684) Timeline

The document titled Profile of Richard Mills , shows what was found for him in the Sherington and Newport Pagnell area of Buckinghamshire and for his adult life in Enfield, Middlesex. His children are included as are some of his grandchildren. His will is also in the document.

It’s important to keep in mind that research on Richard was not intensive and no attempt was made to document every descendant or event in his life. It’s possible some of his children were christened or buried outside Enfield. He likely had children who moved away from Enfield and had their families in other parishes. Working with the surname Mills in the London area generates a lot of finds even in the 1600s, so other than the more obvious possibilities for Richard’s family no further attempt was made to follow this line any farther.

John Kendall alias Mills Sr. Timeline

John Kendall alias Mills Sr. lived from 1623-1666. He fathered only one known child, but may have had other children. He died during an outbreak of plague that hit Newport Pagnell particularly hard. He had at least two wives, but despite knowing the name of the second wife, no marriage has been found for either marriage. For a more complete description of his life, property transactions, will, burial, and more follow this link.