The Early Kendall and Mylls Families of Newport Pagnell

Celia has composed several early Newport Pagnell families with the surnames Kendall, Mills, and Kendall als. Mylls. The primary source for them is the parish register but other records were also used. This covers up through the early 1600s in Newport Pagnell and they figure in to the 1605 will of Thomas Mylls als. Kendall. More Newport Pagnell families and others in parishes nearby may eventually be extracted as we try to expand on the family network of Thomas and Francis Kendall als. Miles.



8 Dec 1560 Joan daughter of Hewgh KENDALL baptized, buried 11 Dec 1560

15 Jan 1561/2 Andrew son of Hewgh KENDALL buried

15 Jan 1561/2 Ann dau of Hewgh KENDALL buried

2 May 1566 John KENDALL baptized (no father named, but as the surname is KENDALL he is more likely to be a son of Hewgh)

1570 Agnes daughter of Hewgh KENDALL baptized, possibly buried 7 May 1594

4 Jan. 1595/6 Hewgh KENDALL buried

27 Oct 1604 Margery KENDALL wydow buried (possible spouse of Hewgh)

Note: It seems likely that Hewgh had a son, Anthony KENDALL, born ca. 1563 who was having babies from 1585. He may also have had a daughter, Elizabeth KENDALL, born ca. 1565, who married John KYGHT on 5 Dec 1586, and maybe a another daughter Isabell KENDALL, buried as a young adult on 29 Sep 1584.


JOAN MYLLS FAMILY (possible sister to Thomas)

24 Oct 1575 Henry SMYTH & Joan MYLLS married

2 Feb 1575/6 [ ]lyan SMITH daughter of Henry SMYTH baptized

Joan may have died in or after childbirth as a Henry SMYTH married Helen COST in Apr 1576.



8 Aug 1562 Thomas MYLLS to Alyce PRATT (possible first marriage)

1563 Andrew MYLLS baptized (probable, no father named), buried 30 May 1563

8 Sep 1564 John MYLLS baptized (probable, no father named), buried 17 Jun 1568

20 Jan 1567/8 Robert MYLLS baptized (probable, no father named), apparently died before 1586/7

11 Dec 1570 Elizabeth MYLLS daughter of Thomas baptized, (possible marriage to John STRINGER on 31 Jan 1604/5; appears to have settled in North Crawley)

15 Jan 1571/2 Ales MYLLS buried (1st wife?)

It seems possible that Thomas had a son Rychard MYLLS in this marriage born ca. 1566 who was buried as Rychard MYLLS on 20 Jan 1566/7

Possibly another son named Rychard MYLLS wass buried as an adult on 23 Aug 1598

It’s also likely Thomas had another son, John MYLLS, from this marriage who was named first in the will (before Nicholas)

KENDALL was acquired around this time.

24 May 1573 Thomas KENDALL to Elizabeth DAVY (possible second marriage)

3 Oct 1574 Nycholas KENDALL son of Thomas baptized [probably married Mary GARDYNER 1597/8), second son named Thomas’ 1605 will

28 Dec 1578 Henry KENDALL son of Thomas baptized (named fourth in Thomas’ 1605 will and was “at London”)

26 Dec 1581 ?Symon MELLYS baptized (no father named, and not in Thomas’ 1605 Will)

Possibly a daughter named Agnes was born ca. 1582-4 named (unmarried) in Thomas’ Will, who might have married after Thomas died: 6 Oct 1606 Samuel BAKER & Agnes KENDALL

Thomas may have had a daughter, Joan MYLLS, born ca. 1582-3, who married John COLLYS on 19 Jan 1603/4 but Thomas’ will named his daughter Joan MABLEY, apparently the wife of Luke & mother of their children John & Thomas MABLEY, so Joan would have been born earlier, maybe ca. 1565-70. Maybe Joan married twice or perhaps Thomas had two daughters named Joan, with different wives.

29 Sep 1584 Elizabeth KENDALL buried (possible second wife)

31 Jul 1585 Thomas KENDALL to Joan CLULEY (possible third marriage)

22 Jan 1586/7 Robert KENDALL baptized (no father named, but named at third son in Thomas’ 1605 will

25 Jul 1605 Thomas MYLLS alias KENDALL buried

26 Nov 1623 Joane KENDALE buried (possibly the widow in the will)



No marriage found

3 or 8 Aug 1585 Ann KENDALL daughter of Anthony baptized (buried 24 Jan 1600/1 – Ann KENDALL daughter of Anthony)

25 May 1589 Anthony KENDALL son of Anthony baptized

16 May 1592 Alyce KENDALL daughter of Anthony baptized (probably buried 25 Nov 1592)

21 Apr 1594 Joan KENDALL baptized (probably, no father named), 24 Feb 1600/1 Johan KENDALL daughter of Anthony buried

16 Jan 1596/7 Elizabeth KENDALL baptized (probably, no father named, probably buried 23 Apr 1597)

30 Nov 1598 Elizabeth KENDALL baptized (probably, no father named, but she could instead be the daughter of Nicholas)

19 Jun 1603 William KENDALL son of Anthony baptized

It seems likely that Anthony had a daughter Agnes buried 7 May 1594 (no father named)

Anthony KENDALL owed Thomas MYLLS alias KENDALL 7 shillings 6 pence in 1605 (debtor in Thomas’ will)



8 Jan 1597/8 Nycholas KENDALL & Mary GARDYNER married

11 Feb 1598/9 John KENDALL baptized (probably son of Nicholas, no father named)

Nov 1600 Thomas KENDALL son of Nycholas baptized

10 Oct 1602 Agnes KENDALL daughter of Nycholas baptized

21 Oct 1604 George KENDALL son of Nycholas baptized

Nycholas KENDALL owed Thomas MYLLS alias KENDALL 40 shillings in 1605.

BAS 1092/43 (27 Nov 1624) Marriage Settlement: 1. Robert POTTER weaver; 2. Jeffery POTTER husbandman & John SHELFORD of Sherington, trustees. Settlement in advance of marriage between Thomas POTTER son of Robert, and Dorothy GREY widow the sister of John SHELFORD. Robert grants to trustees Tenement or dwelling house with apps wherein Nicholas KENDALL decd lately dwelt & all that dwelling house wherein Thomas DUTTON now dwells with yard & garden belonging in the tenure of William HARTLEY. Also 6 acres of arable land in the Portfield now in the tenure of Robert POTTER & all the acre of leys on Short furlong in the tenure of RP which were the Ancient Inheritance of Thomas POTTER decd father of Robert POTTER & contain one quarterne of land.

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